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bon Bonanza the wonder dog says: "I like Beth. She pulls my leg and makes me floppy." Chris (Bonanza's mum) says: "Beth's massage work on Bonanza is great. As an active dog with some arthritis in her hips, with regular massage Bonanza limps less and is able to keep up her usual activities (chasing balls, Frisbees and running). Beth is patient and gentle with her on the times when it hurts too much to have a really good massage, but the results are always evident, whether Bonanza's had a really strong massage or just a gentle session of massage and stretching. I never thought I'd see my dog "bliss-out" but she does - the massage, combined with stretching to keep her limber, make for one chilled cattledog."


"Our eight year old boxer, Tara, is in great health, but has always tended to prefer one side when resting or sitting. We'd heard good things about Beth's therapeutic massages through a friend, so thought it was worth a try. Beth exceeded our expectations, noticing imbalances in Tara's gait immediately, and showing us where you could feel the knots in her muscles. Tara loved the attention, and while she enjoyed it at the time, was visibly tender the following day. We also saw an immediate improvement in her posture and flexibility, and Tara continues to see Beth regularly to maintain this increased movement. Thanks Beth, we have since referred several of our friends' dogs to you, and have heard similar feedback. Keep up the great work!: )" Christine, Wayne & Tara


"In his 14th year of life, our rough and tumble Staffie, Mac, still wanted to go for his daily walk, but his hind legs would sometimes give up under him, and it was obvious his muscles were wasting and that he was suffering from arthritis. Although Mac loved a pat and a rub from us or anyone, he would almost melt into a state of bliss when his old aching body was being gently massaged by Beth. His general well being and joint movement would always be much better after his massage, and he could finish his walk without falling over. The massages helped him tremendously throughout the last year of his life." Barry and Jenny


"We brought Charlie to Beth after trying numerous options to try to relieve the pain Charlie has had for most of his life. Dogma has proven very successful, he is in less pain and has a better range of movement and, unlike previous treatments there has been no trauma involved for Charlie. Beth's hands on massage would be welcomed by all dogs".Ross